Electrical Consulting


As one of the top electrical companies in Toronto, Alba Electrical Services takes pride in the electrical consulting services we offer to our clients. We provide both residential and commercial services, including:


We offer a variety of installation services, including cabinets, sconces, chandeliers, ceiling fans, generic light fixtures, and outlets.


Our team of licensed and certified electricians will assist you with every wiring task. Our wiring services include upgrades, repairs, and replacements. We handle knob and tube wiring, knob and tube removal, aluminum wiring, arc fault breakers, corrective wiring, repairs, and upgrades.

Service Upgrades

If you wish to scale up from one electrical system to another, we will be happy to assist you. We can advise you on the best system upgrades. Our technicians have the expertise to assess, evaluate, and analyze your current electrical needs to ensure that your upgrades are economical, and add value. We can install a new panel, ensuring that the breakers are not overloaded.

Safety Installations

Your safety is our number one concern. That’s why we specialize in the installation of carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, surge protectors, and GFCI outlets for commercial and residential clients.

Our Promise

We respect your time. That’s why every appointment you set with our technicians will be at your convenience. We will provide you with an upfront quote so you’ll know exactly what to expect, and every cost element included in our billing is accompanied by an explanation that clarifies our charges. Each of our electricians is rigorously trained, in order to equip them with relevant skills.

You can count on our professionalism and customer service, and trust us to fulfill all of your electrical consulting needs. Contact Alba Electrical Services to get started today!