Design and Drafting



Whether you need an energy audit to help you lower costs and improve efficiency - or retrofits for greater sustainability - the knowledgeable electrical design and drafting professionals at Alba Electrical Services are here to assist you. Our staff is ready to help with any electrical design project - large or small.

Drafting Services

Electrical drafting services are a must in nearly all building projects - whether commercial, industrial, residential, or municipal. Drafters create the diagrams that workers follow to install wiring and electrical equipment. Our talented team of drafters can provide layouts for lighting and fixtures, terminations diagrams, control circuits, panel schedules, material lists, and more. We can work from AutoCAD files, PDFs, or image files - providing output in the format you need for your project. We’re adept at explaining drawings to builders and construction workers, and can make changes as the work progresses.

Design Services

We offer effective lighting and control system design services. We can quickly provide layouts, including important elements such as local building codes, regional standards, and appropriate electrical symbols, where applicable. We design lighting systems, power distribution systems, fire protection systems, access control, and closed circuit television systems. From electrical design for lighting and power systems, to full distribution system design, there’s an entire spectrum of tasks that can be handled by our experienced team members.

Alba Electrical Services stands ready to assist you with all of your design and drafting needs. Contact us today for help with your electrical design projects.