Industrial Electrical Contractor

As your industrial electrical contractor, Alba Electrical Services provides installation, maintenance, and diagnostics for the machines you depend on in your manufacturing process. We can provide power, maintenance, and industrial electrical services for all of the equipment in your production line.

We have many years of experience within the industrial field, across a wide spectrum of industries. We know that electrical needs and power requirements vary, depending on the industry and facilities, and our electricians can recommend and install an efficient power structure.

Alba Electrical can upgrade switchgear, panelboards, motor control centers, drive systems, and programmable controllers if your equipment becomes obsolete. This often includes changing out defective, old, or inoperable components during active production. From the placement of equipment, to alignment and performance testing, our team of electricians can handle any type of production system.

Higher voltages are frequently necessary to distribute power throughout a large industrial facility. To ensure the safety of your electrical connections, cabling and terminations should be properly integrated and managed by experienced professionals. To maintain productivity, industrial companies need a consistent, uninterrupted power supply. During an outage, emergency generators can keep critical systems such as water, heating, lighting, and refrigeration online. It’s crucial that you have your emergency power system installed properly by a licensed, knowledgeable contractor who is familiar with these systems.

Whether your company manufactures auto parts or food products, you can’t afford unanticipated interruptions when the production line is running. Our team has the expertise to get new lines up and running - and keep old ones operating at top efficiency - so you can continue doing what you do best.

At Alba Electrical Services, we wish to exceed customer expectations in every interaction - by offering unsurpassed industrial electrical design, installation, and maintenance, provided by our experienced team of electricians. For more information, get in touch with us today.