Project Engineering


At Alba Electrical Services, our electrical engineering team specializes in the creation of custom electronics for a wide variety of applications across numerous industries. We can produce high performance electronics that meet your requirements for cost, size, and power. You aren’t limited to just standard catalog products - or by high customization costs. Your choices are limited only by your specifications.

We will support you through each design phase - from initial concept, to hardware design and system integration, to verification and regulatory testing. We can also support your existing designs by analyzing power and thermal management, parts obsolescence, reliability, and adherence to environmental standards. Our skilled team of electricians will ensure that your system meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Count on Alba Electrical to design and install anything you need - whether it’s power systems, lighting, or fire alarms. We’ll work around your schedule to get the project completed quickly, and keep your business running smoothly. Once your project is finished, our team will remain a helpful resource to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your new electrical design for many years to come.

Calling us for your next project ensures that you will receive industry-leading service and an exceptional quality guarantee. We work to keep the process easy, affordable, and focused on you - every step of the way. We’ll evaluate your electrical designs to help you determine the best options for your needs and budget, and make design recommendations based upon what we have discovered about your needs and goals.

Alba Electrical Services approaches every project with a combination of expertise in electronics and innovation in design. We strive daily to exceed your expectations for quality, value, and service, and you can rely on us for all of your electrical project engineering needs. Contact us today for assistance with your next project.