Residential Electricians Toronto


Over the years we have been in operation, our company has consistently serviced the needs of Toronto residents. Our residential electricians Toronto have virtually been to every home for one project or another. This has enabled us to have lots of clients most of whom have come back for repeat purchases. The beauty with our services is that they carry a satisfaction guarantee which means that our customers are assured of quality service always


In addition, we are fully bonded and all our professionals are trained and licensed. Because of the many specialties within the electrical services industry, we have divided our personnel based on their areas of expertise. There are those who handle emergencies, those who deal with indoor lighting and wiring while others specialize on outdoor electrical installations. This division of labor and specialization has made us to be known all over the industry as a reliable and professional company.

 The Services We Offer

Our company is one of the few residential electricians Toronto that operates on a 24/7 basis. Whether you call us in the middle of the night, during weekends or after office hours, our team will always be on standby to attend to such calls for service. Among the services we offer include:

Residential Installation Services
If you have moved in to a new house and you want installations to be made, our technicians will step in and work with you to ensure that your installation is successful. Before we make any installations, we first of all assess the layout of the house so that we can know the best way to position the sockets and electrical extensions. All our services are done with the highest level of expertise thereby leaving fewer if any chances for error.

Emergency Electrical Services
We have a special unit that deals with emergency cases. We understand how inconveniencing electrical failures can be for you and your family. Since electricity is the lifeblood of most appliances in the house, lack of it can cause disruptions and loss. We repair or replace the failed electrical components where necessary. Our emergency team is on a 24/7 operation schedule just to ensure that you are covered.

Scheduled Electrical Maintenance Services
Apart from the emergency services, we offer our clients several service plans that they can choose from. Through these plans, our residential electricians Toronto personnel visit the respective homes on am agreed upon basis so as to conduct checkups and tune ups for all the electrical connections. The benefit of this is that cases of emergencies are significantly reduced.

Why Hire Us
• Trustworthy – Our technicians have a positive track record of excellence and trust. You can depend on us because we never disappoint.

• Transparent – Our business is conducted in an open and transparent manner which enables our clients to easily access us and do business with us. All our policies procedures and guarantees are out in the open for our clients to go through.

• Confidential – Every data that we collect from our customers for our personal office use is held with a high level of confidence. We also keep all contracts and other agreements between us and our clients as confidential as possible.

• Customer Friendly Pricing – All our quotes are customer friendly. The main reason behind this is that we want to make our services accessible to a wide clientele base.

You can call us any time in case you want our residential electricians Toronto to handle your installations, repair or maintenance services.

Our residential electrical services and electrical consulting services include a major portfolio of huge and medium size residential units, single family housing development, mixed usage buildings, multi family homes and custom build homes across the Mississauga, Oakville and whole Greater Toronto Area. Our electrical efficiency can perform any electrical project whether it is too large or too small, or too complex or just as simple as a screwing a screw in an electrical jack. All we can guarantee is that you will smile at the end of your project and you will always call us back for any potential electrical repair or installations.


At AlbaElectrical services we take our job very seriously. Your home is a place where the people you love the most come together. The last thing you want is for the work done by the residential electricians to be sloppy and unprofessional. This can lead to danger hazards. Unlike most electric companies we can guarantee that all our residential electricians, Mississauga Electricians, Oakville Electricians in Toronto, and surrounding areas are fully trained, certified and licensed. We take pride in our work and we treat every customer with respect.

We value your time and money and therefore make sure that our residential electricians, mississauga electricians, oakville electricians in Toronto get the job done and leave you happy and satisfied. Being one of the best and fastest growing electric companies in Toronto.