Toronto Electrical Contractor

Our level of experience is unmatched in the industry because we have employed the top technicians in each of the service delivery areas we operate.

As opposed to the other electrical contractors Toronto, we employ new and innovative strategies that seek to conserve energy thereby reducing the cost of operations. All our end products are guaranteed and in case of any error in our workmanship, we shall undertake to redo everything from scratch at no cost to you. All our electrical services are based on intelligent models that deliver savings not only here and now but also way into the long term. Because of our relentless pursuit for innovation, we have managed to deliver state-of-the-art electrical solutions to each project we have worked on.


As the leading Toronto Electrical Contractor, we provide top of the range electrical services that cover residential, industrial and commercial projects such as shopping malls, condos, processing plants, bridges, railways and roads.


Our Service Professionals

Being the best Toronto electrical contractor, we have invested heavily in attracting the top talent in the industry. Our hiring process is second to none because it is based on an objective human resource model that looks at a variety of employee attributes in addition to the skills and certifications. We also retrain the employees that we hire to bring them up to speed with the industry demands and expectations. Every technician that we send your way is therefore accomplished, ethical and in a position to sort out your problem without any hitches.

Our Services
We offer the most customized and targeted electrical services when compared to all electrical contractors Toronto. Our services are divided into two main categories; residential and commercial services.

Residential Electrical Services Toronto
Our company has certified and approved personnel who are specialized in offering residential electrical solutions. We deal with both indoor and outdoor lighting, installation of additional electrical components during upgrades, repairing of faulty electrical connections and maintaining existing electrical networks through regular service checks. We have also invested in a fleet of vehicles to enable us to respond to emergency cases. This guarantees comfort to you and your family knowing that we are always on standby to attend to your needs.

Commercial Services
Apart from residential premises, we also service commercial establishments including industries. Electrical problems especially in business set ups can result into huge losses because of delayed production and distribution schedules. This is precisely why our range of commercial services tackle all aspects of business operations from security all the way to production continuity and everything in between.

We design electrical networks, install indoor and outdoor lighting systems, fire alarms and smoke detection systems as well as connections to HVAC equipments. We advise our clients on the best electrical systems to install so as to save on energy costs which are a major component of their production budget.

Why Hire Our Services
As a Toronto electrical contractor, we offer our clients personalized services that meet and even exceed their needs. All our services are: Professional

 Customer oriented
 Quality and value adding
 Timely and relevant

For enquiries on any of our services, get in touch with us at anytime.